Snifter Beer Glass

Product Description

Snifter Beer Glass Set - Two Glasses

Enjoy a high gravity beer in this snifter set. Perfect for sipping a big beer. Each beer glass is 5.5 inches high and holds 16 oz. of beer. It is great for use as a sipper of high gravity beers (beers with a high alcohol content or abv). This glass is best used to serve the following styles of beer: Barley-wines, Strong Ales, Belgian Doubles, Triples and Quadruples. These beer snifters are a must-have set of glasses for anyone that loves big beers or strong Belgian ales. Don't let your high big beer drinking experience suffer by not having to correct serving glasses.


  • Beer Glass Style: Snifter Glass
  • Holds: 16 oz.
  • Size: 5.5 inches Tall
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from Machine Pressed Glass

About Beer Snifters Snifters have been used to serve beers for a long time. The snifter is used for beer for exactly the same reasons they are used to serve brandy. The narrow or tapered rim is perfect for trapping aroma. The short stem acts only as a stand as the glass is meant to cupped in the palm of the drinker. The big bowl is sized to allow for a healthy pour of beer. Big beers (beers with a higher than average alcohol content) aren't typically served cold. It is recommended that they be served at room temperature to unlock the nuances found these styles of beer. By cupping the bowl of the glass in your hand, heat from your hand is gently transferred into the glass and the beer. This helps you unlock the flavor with each passing sip.

Snifters were first popular in Belgium to serve beer. They are used for Belgian Doubles, Triples and Quadruples. The craft beer movement in the USA explored many of the stronger styles of beers and the term "Imperial" is slapped on just about any style of beer with a higher than usual alcohol content. Many breweries recommend using snifters for these styles. Our snifters are sized for serving beer and each passes our high quality and workmanship verification process.